Problems with __gmpn_add_nc and __gmpn_sub_nc

Alan McFarlane alan.mcfarlane at
Thu May 11 23:13:50 CEST 2006

I recently picked up the latest port of gmp 4.2.1 (under FreeBSD
6.0-ReleaseAMD64), and having apparently successfully installed the
library, I
discovered that none of my simple applications would link - I continually
get the errors: undefined reference to '__gmpn_add_nc' undefined reference to '__gmpn_sub_nc'

I attempted to compile and link the isprime demo by:

$ cd demos
$ make isprime

but got the same error.

I've done some searching on the web and found a couple of sites which have
the entire dump of the config.status file, but I have not been able to
assertain what the error may be.

Any thoughts?
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