Bad GMP build using Xcode 2.3 on Apple PowerMac G5

Wade Williams wadesworld at
Tue Jun 6 17:07:51 CEST 2006


This is true only when building with the 64-bit ABI.

If you do:

export ABI=32
./configure --enable-cxx --enable-shared

Then it will build fine and pass all tests.  Obviously if your  
application requires the 64-bit ABI, then this solution will not be  


On Jun 5, 2006, at 12:53 AM, pbmcl at wrote:

> Apple Power Mac G5 users should be aware that the version of the  
> gcc compiler (gcc 4.0.1 Build 5341) included with Apple's recent  
> developer tools release (Xcode 2.3) fails 'make check' when  
> building GMP 4.2.1. Specifically, the mpz test 'reuse' fails.
> GMP 4.2.1 passes all 'make check' tests when built with gcc 4.0.1  
> Build 5247, which is included with Xcode 2.2.
> The Xcode disk includes an uninstall script in the 'Utilities'  
> folder if you have already loaded version 2.3.
> Phil McLaughlin

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