How to create lib files

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Thu Jul 6 09:09:45 CEST 2006

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From: "Chris Saunders"
> Build
> GMP using MinGW and MSYS.  You can easily find them using Google.  That
> you only need to include libgmp.a and gmp.h in your VC6 projects.

I think you would normally construct an import lib for VC6 using VC6's
'lib.exe' and 'libgmp-3.dll.def':
lib /out:libgmp-3.lib /def:libgmp-3.dll.def

Then, in your VC6 projects, link to libgmp-3.lib rather than libgmp.a.

IIRC, if you want to link your VC6 projects to libgmp.a, you need to also
link them to libgcc.a.

See the " MS Windows DLLs" section at


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