How to create lib files

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Wed Jul 5 20:51:38 CEST 2006

Hi Tao, I believe you need to search for a file called libgmp.a under
/usr/local/lib.  Since you are using Cygwin, I think you also need to
include cygwin.dll in your VC6 projects.  There is an alternative.  Build
GMP using MinGW and MSYS.  You can easily find them using Google.  That way
you only need to include libgmp.a and gmp.h in your VC6 projects.

I'll include my personal email below so that you can email me personally if
you have further questions as this discussion may not be appropriate for
this list.

Chris Saunders
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I already used Cygwin to build GMP4.2.1 and install it. But I can only
find libgmp.o. How can I convert it to gmp.lib beacuase I need to use
GMP in VC6.0? Please give me a detailed explanation as I know little
about Linux. Thanks.
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