gmp 4.2.1, mingw problems

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Fri Dec 29 20:50:00 CET 2006

Sisyphus wrote:
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>> Hello list
>> I'm working with the current gmp 4.2.1 release on Linux and Windows. I
>> configure it with "--enable-static --disable-shared --enable-cxx" on
>> both platforms.
> The same configuration works fine for me on Windows - all tests pass.

Ok, thanks for that. I assumed that it was a general problem. Knowing 
that it has to be my configuration, I
- removed the MKS Toolkit from path
- removed my GCC 4.2 (branch) from path
- reinstalled msys with gcc 3.4
and it worked. I assume that GCC 4.2 is to blame, but it might also be 
that some programs from the MKS Toolkit were used :-)


> I can only think that there's some problem with the makefile that got
> generated, or with the make program that you're running.
> Make sure that your MinGW/bin doesn't contain a file called 'make.exe' (if
> it does, then rename it). You want to use the 'make.exe' that is in the
> MSYS/bin, so check that you are in fact using that particular 'make.exe'.
> Also check the version of your MSYS. The self-installing executable file
> that I downloaded was 'MSYS-1.0.10.exe' and if I right click on my
> MSYS/bin/msys-1.0.dll, then select "Properties" followed by "Version" it
> reports itself as 1000.10.0.0. (If you have the same version, then that's
> clearly not the problem, either.)
> Cheers,
> Rob

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