Using GMP 4.2.1 on Visual C++, Windows XP

Michael Abshoff Michael.Abshoff at
Tue Dec 5 12:19:19 CET 2006


> I don't host binaries myself because I have a private web account and I
> am worried about problems with my ISP as a result of excessive bandwidth
> utilisation.
> But if anyone would be willing to host DLL and static library files for
> GMP on Windows, I would willingly create them.
> And if the GMP team are reluctant to point to them, I would be willing
> to do so from my own GMP related page (with a reference to the fact that
> any use must comply with the LGPL).
>    Brian Gladman

Hello Brian,

since I have profited from your work, I would gladly donate the bandwith.
Just contact me off-list.



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