Using GMP 4.2.1 on Visual C++, Windows XP

Brian Gladman brg at
Tue Dec 5 10:11:55 CET 2006

Ismet Togay wrote:
> Hello,
> Thanks to everyone who tried to help me.
> Frankly speaking, I did not understand the dll creation phases since I
do not
> have much information about it. Let me tell you beriefly what I want
to do:
> There is a paper written by RSA developers, about the implementation
of RSA by
> using GMP library. You can have a look at it at
> . There is
also an
> implementation on the website at
> .
> I just want to run those codes. There is included only the <gmp.h>.
> How can I do that?

Your best option if you cannot compile GMP for yourself is to track down
pre-compiled GMP DLLs or static libraries for Windows.

I recall that Delta Trinity used to offer Windows binaries for download
and I believe several others do this as well. Unfortunately, however,
the links I have for these downloads seem to be dead now and I could not
find currently active links in a Google search.  But someone who reads
this list may know their current location.

This issue comes up so regularly that it would surely be worthwhile to
maintain Windows binaries somewhere and to point to their existence from
somewhere within the main GMP web pages.

I don't host binaries myself because I have a private web account and I
am worried about problems with my ISP as a result of excessive bandwidth

But if anyone would be willing to host DLL and static library files for
GMP on Windows, I would willingly create them.

And if the GMP team are reluctant to point to them, I would be willing
to do so from my own GMP related page (with a reference to the fact that
any use must comply with the LGPL).

   Brian Gladman

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