Porting GMP v4.2.1 to QNX4 with Watcom C v10.6B

mts.spb.suxx at mail.ru mts.spb.suxx at mail.ru
Fri Aug 25 17:51:14 CEST 2006

Hello Torbjorn,

 Thank you for the brilliant job!

 After some struggle and with some helper-scripts I was able to
 compile GMP v4.2.1 on QNX4 with Watcom C v10.6B

 As before - the three tests that require "%Z" in printf() fail...
 That is QNX4 limitation. The library itself works correctly. I link
 ssh-1.2.33 with it and there is some speed improvement in the crypto.

 I had to separate the "popham.c" into the two plain files (with one
 function in each) to get the library compiled and usable.

 (Here is my "make check" report attached)

 By the way, the latest "libtool" is v1.5.22, but I did not try using
 it yet to see if it helps with my weird tool-chain.

Best regards,
 Tony            mailto:mts.spb.suxx at mail.ru
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