Possible documentation problems.

Chris Saunders evas at mountaincable.net
Tue Apr 11 16:06:16 CEST 2006

Thanks for the response Torbjörn.  I now see that both _mpq_cmp_ui and
mpq_cmp_ui and I assume they are supposed to accomplish the same thing.  Can
I ask why both are defined and what the relative advantages are?  Sorry if
this question appears stupid but I am not at all expert at C.  I write an
interface to GMP from the computer language Eiffel.  My knowledge of C is
mostly from building this interface.

Chris Saunders

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"Chris Saunders" <evas at mountaincable.net> writes:

  I've been looking at the GMP documentation and think I have found
  some inaccuracies.
  It is claimed under Rational Number Functions->Comparing Rationals:
  that the functions mpq_cmp_ui and mpq_cmp_si are macros.
  When I look at the header and source files these do not seem to me
  to be macros.  It is possible that I am incorrect as I am not an expert
  at the language C.  I have also run into this with some of the integer
  functions but don't recall the specific functions.
Around line 2095 in gmp-h.in you'll see that they are indeed macros.


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