GMP 4.1.4 on MinGW ... some more

Patrick Pelissier patrick.pelissier at
Tue Sep 13 13:52:54 CEST 2005

> Now that all worked fine for me on Win32 using gcc-3.4.4 and ld-2.15.91
> 20040904 - and it seems to me that doesn't fit very well with what's given
> at
 - or at least it suggests to me that there might be
> something else going on as well.
> I mean .... how come the mpfr guys can create (something as complex as) an
> mpfr dll that works with libgmp-3.dll, yet I can't create a simple test dll
> that works with libgmp-3.dll ?

 Well, I just let libtool does the job.
 I don't know what it does.

 Patrick Pelissier

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