GMP 4.1.4 on MinGW ... some more

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> This is an old problem. See the filed bug report at
> Basically, the  LD generates incorrect (or missing) relocation information
> in the DLL startup code.
> It is built with the default load address of 0x1000000. Loading the DLL at
> any other address will cause a
> GP fault. This will happen if any other DLL is loaded before GMP (.EXE use
> different load address).
> I successfully rebuilt GMP using the binutils-2-13-90-20021006-2.tar.gz.
> I installed the latest ("current" as of March 20/2005)
> Mingw/Msys/MingwRuntime but used the above mentioned binutils.
> All of the above should be available for download ot the official Mingw
> site.
> Alternatively,  make sure no other DLL uses the default start address of
> 0x1000000.

Received just tonight the information that mpfr-2.2.0-rc6 is available:

The MD5's:
56579f5e8a0f251c206b7f2abfc6f51e  mpfr-2.2.0-rc6.tar.bz2
ddf471ed2604e492399c4d66cefdcd42  mpfr-2.2.0-rc6.tar.gz

This release of mpfr allows the building of a shared mpfr library
(libmpfr-1.dll) to be built against libgmp-3.dll. (2.2.0 is the *first*
release to offer building of a *shared* library.)

Now that all worked fine for me on Win32 using gcc-3.4.4 and ld-2.15.91
20040904 - and it seems to me that doesn't fit very well with what's given
at  - or at least it suggests to me that there might be
something else going on as well.

I mean .... how come the mpfr guys can create (something as complex as) an
mpfr dll that works with libgmp-3.dll, yet I can't create a simple test dll
that works with libgmp-3.dll ?


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