GMP 4.1.4 on MinGW (Wintersteiger)

Juro Bystricky jurobystricky at
Mon Sep 12 15:55:45 CEST 2005

This is an old problem. See the filed bug report at

Basically, the  LD generates incorrect (or missing) relocation information 
in the DLL startup code.
It is built with the default load address of 0x1000000. Loading the DLL at 
any other address will cause a
GP fault. This will happen if any other DLL is loaded before GMP (.EXE use 
different load address).

I successfully rebuilt GMP using the binutils-2-13-90-20021006-2.tar.gz.
I installed the latest ("current" as of March 20/2005)
Mingw/Msys/MingwRuntime but used the above mentioned binutils.
All of the above should be available for download ot the official Mingw

Alternatively,  make sure no other DLL uses the default start address of 

Juro Bystricky

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>> >
>> >Anyways, thanks a lot and I'll post a success or failure note soon!
>> Sadly it's a failure note: I just graded down to gcc 3.3.1 and I
>> still got the same error; the dll builds fine, no linker errors, but
>> the built application won't start then (The application could not be
>> initialized).
> Yeah - I find the same, now that I come to test.
> It seems to be something specifically related to the gmp dll. That is, I 
> can
> build a couple of simple dynamic libs that have the same type of
> relationship, and there's no problem. It's only when the "other" dynamic 
> lib
> needs libgmp-3.dll that the problem arises. I expect there's a way around
> the problem .... I'm not so sure that I *expect* to be able to find that
> way - but if I do, then I'll post back.
> No such problem on linux, btw. Looks to me that this might warrant a bug
> report.
> Cheers,
> Rob
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