best way to do "fermat" primalty checks

Emanuele Laface emanuele.laface at
Sun Nov 13 20:43:00 CET 2005

I don't really understand why you are offending me.

I wrote that AKS is the fastest deterministic theoretical algorithm
because is the only deterministic in polynomial time. Could you give
me a counterexample?
I also said that practically is difficult to provide a fast
implementation because in the algorithm there is a large use of
division with polynoms that is difficult to implement in a fast way.
But, just to talk about primality, I thought that could be good to
explain to the Bullinger that also exist this kind of algorithm.
The worst crime that I performed could be the off topic but this don't
justify your reaction.

>From the point of view of arrogance please let think that your are not
the only person in the world that know something about algorithms, I
know perfectly the difference between P and NP.


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