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Hi All,

I am new to this user list and was hoping to get some help on GMP
I was trying to install Math::GMP from CPAN and it requires me to
install GMP library which brought me to this user list "grinning".


Hi Peter,
I'll let others give you the links to Delta Trinity's GMP binaries, and to
Brian Gladman's instructions on how to build GMP using MS Visual Studio (-
mainly because I don't have those links currently at my fingertips).

However, if you're after a quick'n'simple fix, Math::GMP binaries for any
Win32 multi-threaded perl 5.8 (or 5.6) can be obtained from

Those binaries were built against a static GMP (version 4.1.4) library - so
they work perfectly well without having GMP installed on your computer. See
the Readme file that's included with the binaries for installation
instructions - it's very simple, especially if you have the ppm utility.


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