C/C++ interpreter Ch binding to GMP

Peter Wu peterw at softintegration.com
Fri Jul 8 02:08:56 CEST 2005

> At 12:40 -0700 2005/07/01, Peter Wu wrote:
> >The Ch binding source code can be distributed as the same license as GMP.
> Then there should be no problems, I think. I am not an expert on 
> these copyright issues, but merely communicate my impressions from 
> discussions I have had with people over time. There are copyright 
> blends, such as Flex distributed under BSD copyright, but which is 
> calling M4 as program, the latter which is distributed under GNU 
> copyright. The GNU copyright is more restrictive, calling for 
> derivative sources to be subject to the same copyright conditions, to 
> be open and sources freely available under reasonable access 
> conditions, thus cutting out direct commercial exploitations. The BSD 
> copyright admits more commercial exploitation.
> So you should think through exactly what conditions you want to 
> distribute it under, and who should be the copyright holder.

I think whoever write the binding will be the copyright holder.

> >are you able to help load the binding source code to distribute with GMP once
> >the code is ready?
> Somebody else will have (and will, I hope) answer that.

Yes, I hope somebody can tell me yes or no. :)

Ch: free C/C++ interpreter

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>    Hans Aberg

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