Storing and retrieving

Hans Aberg haberg at
Sat Jul 2 12:28:49 CEST 2005

At 12:05 +0200 2005/07/02, Karl Hasselström wrote:
>  > So the safest way, though slower, is to write it out as text, and
>>  read it back again. You are then embarking, in its extension, on the
>>  path of making two programs, a parser that can read this kind of
>>  data, and an expresser, or "pretty-printer", that can write out it.
>>  Ultimately, if you develop a computer language, you may need the use
>>  of tools such as the lexer generator Flex and the parser generator
>>  Bison.
>Or simply use the printf/scanf equivalents that are part of GMP. :-)

This depends on how complex data one wants to 
write. I just wanted to make aware of the 
possibility. Writing a parser is difficult at 
first, but it really helps up the human interface.
   Hans Aberg

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