Using non-gcc compilers to compile?

Brian Gladman brg at
Thu Apr 7 09:23:40 CEST 2005

Arctic Fidelity wrote:

> I'm curious about the difficulties in compiling GMP using non-gcc 
> and non autoconf tools? From what I can tell it would be an 
> absolute bear. Is there any way to compile, for example, a working 
> GMP library that takes advantage of the optimizations such as 
> assembly language using BCC or OpenWatcom through the Win32 
> environment without having to use MinGW + MySys + gcc?

I don't know a great deal about OpenWatcom or BCC but it is sometimes
suggested that these compilers are quite close to Microsoft VC++ in the
way they operate.

If this is correct it might be possible to do something useful starting
from my native VC++ port of GMP (which uses NASM and Intel syntax for
the associated assembler files). It is also possible that VC++ produced
DLLs and export libraries might be coerced to work with these compilers.

If anyone wants to try any of this and needs any help I will do what I
can to assist.

   Brian Gladman

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