div.c and other questions

Patrick Pelissier pelissip at greux.loria.fr
Mon Sep 27 16:34:52 CEST 2004

> > This is a bug in MSVC! 'near' is declared as a variable of type
> > "mp_limb_t"! Are you sure you are using MSVC 6? Aren't there any flags
> > to remove this checking?  It will be quite strange if you can't remove
> > this checking.  Could you send exactly the modified file so that we can
> > check for it?
> The problem is that MSVC implemented the 'near' keyword as a modifier to 
> pointers, like 'const'.  So you could have:
>     mp_limb_t near * foo_p;
> (foo_p is a near pointer to an mp_limb_t).  
> I agree that this is a non-conformance to the standard.  But this is also 
> the company that gave us WinMain().

 Aren't there any flags/options to remove this checking?

  Patrick Pelissier

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