questions: MPFR and win32 makefiles

Francesco Montorsi f18m_cpp217828 at
Tue Sep 7 23:47:39 CEST 2004

   I would like to ask:

1) MPFR will substitute MPF in future, isn't it ?
   When will this happen ?

2) Are GMP authors interested in win32 makefiles ?
   I created some bakefiles (XML-like project files for
   bakefile: which are
   able to generate makefiles for various win32 compilers:
   borland, msvc, mingw, watcom....
   The build system I've created does not require any change
   in the code: it's a small win32 directory to add to the 
   main GMP folder which contains the bakefiles
   (from which the makefiles can be re-generated) and
   the generated makefiles ready to be run...

   I think that adding these files to the official distribution
   could be very interesting since it would allow a wider range of
   users to take advantage of GMP.

Francesco Montorsi

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