Windows XP+gmp4.1.2

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Sun Feb 8 10:37:18 CET 2004


Actually, compiling it for XP is pretty straigthforward using MinGW and it's 
MSYS utility.

Once you install MinGW, and MSYS (the unix-like command-line command 
prompt), you just compile at said in the manual.  If you want the DLL 
version, make sure you specify command lines '--disable-static 
--enable-shared' to the configure utility.

Alternatively, you can get the compiled version on optimized for different x86 processors.  There 
are compiled using MinGW (which make the DLL rely on MSVCRT DLL instead of 
CYGWIN DLL).  The only step you need to do is to create a .LIB from the DLL. 
  Depending on your compiler, the procedure is slightly different but also 

Good luck


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>Subject: Windows XP+gmp4.1.2
>Date: Sun,  8 Feb 2004 16:12:13 +0200
>I need the windows (xp) port for gmp-4.1.2. I need to include gnu
>hearders gmp.h and gmpxx.h.
>Can someone help me with this?
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