Help for building Win32 VC++ workspace for GMP4.1.3

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Why not use other works which is already available. Please check Brian
Gladman's port to Win32 using VS.NET 2003 which gives you static and shared
libraries of gmp, gmpxx and static mpfr. I have done some work to get mpfr
as dll and I plan to release it soon. Using it as a basis for your project
would speed up your work - there are only minor fixes to make to convert
VS.NET projects into VC++ 6.0 format.


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Subject: Help for building Win32 VC++ workspace for GMP4.1.3

Hi All,

'am currently building a whole VC++6 workspace to compile
GMP4.1.3 as static library. I think I've done the major part of the work,
but I need now to make a script file for the tests. Think this is HIGHLY
necessary because I cannot be sure to have all the stuff in my library;
although I've been succed to compile expr,primes,factorize,calc demos.

I want to know how the tests files works, 'cause I got some headache to
understand the makefile ;-) I guess that (after compilation) the execution
- should return nothing if OK
- return an error code if not ?
I need all these informations concerning the tests and tunes

Thanks in advance.


PS = I asked for help only 'cause i think that a lot
     of users would like to have this : instead of using
     mingw and the dll. Otherwise if I cannot get help
     I will keep this work for me ! but it could be (i think)
     integrated with the gmp distribution when finished ? I guess

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