Help for building Win32 VC++ workspace for GMP4.1.3

cyboorg poulard.herve at
Sun Aug 15 20:43:55 CEST 2004

Hi All,

'am currently building a whole VC++6 workspace to compile
GMP4.1.3 as static library. I think I've done the major part
of the work, but I need now to make a script file for the
tests. Think this is HIGHLY necessary because I cannot be sure
to have all the stuff in my library; although I've been succed
to compile expr,primes,factorize,calc demos.

I want to know how the tests files works, 'cause I got some
headache to understand the makefile ;-)
I guess that (after compilation) the execution
- should return nothing if OK
- return an error code if not ?
I need all these informations concerning the tests and tunes

Thanks in advance.


PS = I asked for help only 'cause i think that a lot
     of users would like to have this : instead of using
     mingw and the dll. Otherwise if I cannot get help
     I will keep this work for me ! but it could be (i think)
     integrated with the gmp distribution when finished ? I guess

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