building DLL with MinGW fails

Radu Ursu rursu at
Fri Apr 30 16:32:23 CEST 2004

Sisyphus wrote:

> Radu Ursu wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am using MinGW to build the DLL version of GMP that I want to use 
>> with Visual C++ 7.1.
> I am currently using a MinGW-built GMP with VC 7 (.NET) compiler - but I 
> built GMP in the MSYS shell (not Cygwin). I doubt that a cygwin-built 
> GMP would be compatible with the Microsoft compilers (though I don't 
> know that to be a fact) - use the MSYS shell instead. (Google for MSYS.)

Thank you for your responce. I used gmp-4.3.1. Do you use the same gmp 
As far as I am concerned, I make no difference between MSYS and cygwin 
as long as I am using MinGW compiler and not gcc that comes with cygwin.
I suspect a problem with the gmp. I forgot to say that the static build 
works fine.

Best regards,

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