Would someone mind elaborating the explanation in the manual?

David McKen cic_3_b at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 25 07:46:18 CEST 2003


Thanks a lot!

Just curious stuff like this falls under number theory right? or am I
looking for another field of mathematics?

Thanks for your help
David McKen

--- Sisyphus <kalinabears at iinet.net.au> wrote:
> David McKen wrote:
> > Ahh well now that makes sense.
> > 
> > What I am trying to do is factor a number so the more of the
> small
> > primes that I can test for divisibility the less time I waste
> trying
> > numbers that simply won't divide into my number.
> > 
> You might be interested in the 'Handbook of Applied Cryptography'.
> The entire book can be downloaded from
> http://www.cacr.math.uwaterloo.ca/hac/
> For algorithms/discussion pertaining to factoring you'll want
> chapter 3.
> For algorithms/discussion pertaining to prime generation and
> primality 
> proving you'll want chapter 4.
> If your math is a damn sight better than mine you'll also be able
> to 
> understand the more sophisticated approaches to factoring and prime
> generation covered in 'Prime Numbers A Computational Perspective'
> by 
> Crandall and Pomerance. (No link for that one - you gotta get the
> book.)
> Cheers,
> Rob

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