Very annoying mpz_get_str function Problem !

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Wed Nov 26 14:51:52 CET 2003


TG is right.  You failed to provide a minimal test case demonstrating the potential defect for anyone else to look at.  Additionally, I concur with TG's logic that the probabilities favor the bug being external to the GMP.

Try calling Microsoft technical support for one of their products (have a credit card handy), and unless it is a known bug they are going to want the same thing:  some way for them to reproduce the behavior.  There was nothing unreasonable about TG's observation.

Those are the rules of the game.

"Sucks" doesn't make the grade.  It has to be "sucks", combined with "and here is a way for you to get the same behavior".


In a message dated 11/26/2003 2:03:27 PM Eastern Standard Time, The Codrinus <codrin at> writes:

>YES ! And I will not use the buggy mpz_get_str function or GMP in the
>future !
>sorry about bothering you,
>On 26 Nov 2003, Torbjorn Granlund wrote:
>> Please don't bother us with vague complaints like this.  The bug
>> is almost certainly in your code.  Debug your code, and then if
>> you do have a test case for a real bug in GMP, send it in.
>> Until then, we don't want to hear any "sucks" from you.
>> What do you think is more likely, that your newly developed code
>> has a bug, or that the carefully tested mpz_get_str (or its
>> descendants) has a bug?
>> --
>> Torbjörn

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