Solaris sparcV9 configuration problem

Kevin Ryde user42 at
Tue Nov 11 07:12:27 CET 2003

"Moti Meir" <moti.meir at> writes:
> I have a problem configuring the GMP on supersparc3 64bit

You mean ultrasparc3 I guess.

> sns481!motime:~/work/gmp [109]> ../gmp-4.1.2/configure
> --build=none-unknown-solaris5.8

That should probably be solaris2.8, check the output of ./config.guess
if in doubt.  (It shouldn't affect the configure, but might affect the
way libtool builds the shared library.)

> configure: error: no version of add found in path:   generic

The file picked up should be mpn/generic/add.c, make sure you haven't
lost it somehow.

PS. All bug reports to bug-gmp at

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