(Windows) Dynamic Linking

White, Jim (ITD) Jim.White at DEFRA.GSI.GOV.UK
Mon Nov 10 16:21:45 CET 2003

Dynamic linking has made life much easier for me. 

My front-end apps are typically written in VB. Using the GMP dll's involves
2 hassles in this case:

   1.  I need to write a function declaration for each and every function I
will call (it's just a matter of making a module called GMP.bas instead of
"gmp.h", but it's tedious work)

   2.  I can't call the GMP dll directly because VB can't (sorry, "won't")
make cdecl calls, and I don't want to have to monkey about with the GMP
"make" procedures, so I have to use a "wrapper" DLL which accepts stdcall
calls from VB and makes the corresponding cdecl calls to GMP. 

But with a simple ASM routine which can make cdecl calls, and can be passed
a function pointer, everything becomes simpler.

I no longer need the wrapper DLL, nor do I need DLL function declarations -
I have a simple VB class called "GMPfunction", and now I can do something
like this:

   Dim MPF_INIT as GMPfunction
   MPF_INIT.Name = "__gmp_mpz_init"
   MPF_INIT.Call mpf1   ' i.e. call mpf_init(mpf1)

He, he, I guess all you "C" programmers out there are probably laughing or
crying at this, but it works for me! ;)

Dr Memory

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)

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