impdef, msvc++ 6, and GMP

Sisyphus kalinabears at
Fri Nov 7 10:06:53 CET 2003


There was a thread late July - early August (2003) called 'win32 _decl 
problems' where it was detailed how msvc++ users could create a '.lib' 
from a gcc-built libgmp-3.dll using the 'impdef' and 'lib' commands.

I knew from experience at the time that the 'lib' command did the job it 
was supposed to, but I didn't check 'impdef'.

It has just come to my attention that those of us with the Mickey Mouse 
version of msvc++ 6 (MS call it the 'Standard Edition') don't have 
'impdef'. At least mine doesn't have it .... or I can't find it .... I 
assume 'impdef' comes with the megabucks version.

Is there a way of doing this without 'impdef' ? Or are we reliant upon 
the provision of the '.def' file as well as the '.dll' ?

(No problem for me, btw, as I already have the def file - but I was just 
contacted by someone who had neither the def file nor 'impdef'. I'll 
send him my def file .... which will *probably* be fine with Eric's dll 
.... but this is getting messy :-)

Assuming there is no simple alternative to 'impdef', maybe Eric could 
reinstate the def file on the ftp site ?

But did Kevin say that there would be no def file created in future 
builds of GMP ?

Maybe it would be simpler (though probably less legal) for someone to 
provide 'impdef.exe' ? I wonder if that exe (alone) would be sufficient 
with the Standard Edition - or are there other files that would also be 
needed ?


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