Division by 2

Kevin Ryde user42@zip.com.au
Sat, 03 May 2003 09:30:33 +1000

DTAshley@aol.com writes:
> What version of the manual?


> I have 4.1.2, which I downloaded very recently.  "Efficiency" is not
> in the index.

If you're looking at it with the stand-alone info program, check
you're not hitting a version under /usr/info or /usr/share/info
instead.  It searches INFOPATH if you don't give a full path.

In any case the node is


and the relevant text is merely

`2exp' functions
     It's up to an application to call functions like `mpz_mul_2exp'
     when appropriate.  General purpose functions like `mpz_mul' make
     no attempt to identify powers of two or other special forms,
     because such inputs will usually be very rare and testing every
     time would be wasteful.