Configuring GMP for Win32 DLL creation

White, Jim (ITD) Jim.White@DEFRA.GSI.GOV.UK
Thu, 5 Jun 2003 08:53:26 +0100

Thanks for that info Pedro. 

So it looks like VB is the only language
environment with a problem. It's just something they
never bothered to put in, although they clearly thought
is worth putting "cdecl" detection logic in the IDE to
at least warn you.

I think now we can say then that WIn32 GMP DLL builds
don't really need _stdcall capability. If anyone
wants a wrapper DLL for VB then I can provide it.

Jim White

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>declarations. (I don't know if Delphi/Pascal or other Win32 languages
>have this option).

All 32-bit versions of Delphi do have it, as does FPC (Free Pascal
Compiler). I'm surprised to learn that VB doesn't.

  Pedro Gimeno