Building a shared library (dll) for MPFR

White, Jim (ITD) Jim.White@DEFRA.GSI.GOV.UK
Wed, 16 Jul 2003 14:10:19 +0100

A Win32 dll version of gmp is easily built on a PC
under MinGW, but the current build system does not 
allow for mpfr to be incorporated in the gmp dll. It
builds a static library (libmpfr.a) regardless of the
gmp build type.

MPFR is officially "still in development", so I imagine
that in the future the gmp build system will probably 
be upgraded to incorporate the mpfr entrypoints when
building gmp as a shared library.

But meanwhile, a separate Win32 dll for MPFR can easily be 
built (at least, by MinGW users!)

1. Build "libgmp-3.dll" 

In MinGW (MSYS shell emulator) a shared version of gmp
is built as follows (thanks to deltatrinity for this
method) :-

   ./configure --enable-shared --disable-static --build=$CPU-pc-mingw32 

where $CPU is your target cpu type (e.g. "i386", "pentium4", etc)

To get MPFR capability included you need an additional configure
option :-


After running configure, issue a "make" command and you will
get "libgmp-3.dll" created in directory ./libs. 

As I mentioned above, currently the mpfr entry points are NOT
included in libgmp-3.dll. The system simply builds a static 
library "libmpfr.a" in the ./mpfr directory.

We don't need "libmpfr.a" itself, but we'll use the compiled
object files that were used to build it, plus the gmp shared
library we've built, to create a shared "libmpfr.dll".

2. Build "libmpfr.dll" 

We build a shared version of MPFR as follows :-

   cd ../mpfr
   gcc -shared -o libmpfr.dll *.o ../.libs/libgmp-3.dll

This creates libmpfr.dll, which should be copied into the
same installation directory as libgmp-3.dll.

3. Warning to VB users

Like libgmp-3 itself, the libmpfr.dll uses "cdecl" calling
conventions so cannot be used directly from VB, but this
is not a major problem as a simple interlude dll can be
built to accept "stdcall" function calls from the application
and make the corresponding "cdecl" calls to libmpfr.dll.


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