Win32 GMP 4.1.2 without cygwin

Kevin Ryde
Wed, 15 Jan 2003 11:11:58 +1000

"Sisyphus" <> writes:
> I've built it (with mingw) on my PII, and am running that build on my PIII.
> I'd be
> interested to see the difference produced by running a PIII build

There's very few differences with p-3 over p-2 currently, just a
slightly faster popcount and hamdist if I remember rightly.

> But the building of any of my apps depends upon libgmp.a. If I try to build
> without it, I get unresolved references. Am I missing something ? Is there a
> way to build apps using only gmp.h and libgmp-3.dll ?

I think that's supposed to work, make a bug report with full
information if it doesn't.  You might need to ensure you've got the
gmp.h from the DLL build, not from the static build, since they differ