Win32 GMP 4.1.2 without cygwin

Tue, 14 Jan 2003 11:07:40 +1100

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Subject: Win32 GMP 4.1.2 without cygwin

> I have compiled it for P3 and P4, using "delta trinity"'s method if some
> one needs them drop me an e-mail ...
> Manolo

I've built it (with mingw) on my PII, and am running that build on my PIII.
I'd be
interested to see the difference produced by running a PIII build on my
PIII - so, Manolo, if you'd like to send over the PIII version, that would
be nice.

I wanted to build it with the disable-static and enable-shared configure
options, but that kept crashing my PIII box. Chris Saunders suggested
disable-alloca, and that worked fine by itself, but still crashed when the
other 2 options were included. So, for the time being, I've settled for the
PII build.

I have a question (my reason for cc'ing the list).
I note that there has been no mention of the compiler-specific static
library file (libgmp.a for mingw, libgmp.lib for msvc) in the posts so far.
And the GMP documentation seems to infer that if you've got a windows-built
gmp.h and libgmp-3.dll, then you've got all you need for any windows

But the building of any of my apps depends upon libgmp.a. If I try to build
without it, I get unresolved references. Am I missing something ? Is there a
way to build apps using only gmp.h and libgmp-3.dll ?