cc vs gcc

delta trinity
Sat, 08 Feb 2003 14:34:35 -0500

>Which is faster, gmp compiled with Forte cc or gmp compiled with gcc
>on a 64bit Solaris platform?

If you're talking about the runtime running speed of GMP, I guess that it 
would make a difference only if compiling with generic 'c' files.  Then, we 
would have to find which compiler best optimize the instruction flow.

If you're building asm optimized GMP version, then, it would probably make 
no noticable differences as the most time consuming parts and tight loops of 
the code is written in assembler.  And both compilers would give the same 
code from the asm source files.  It's like 95% or more of the time, the 
program is executing the assembly-written functions and the rest of the 
time, it executing code from non-asm source files.  Compilers specific 
optimization would affect only non-asm parts (i.e. 'c' written code).  And 
even though (just an example) one compiler would run that 'c' code 100% 
faster than the other, the end result would only be like 4~5% faster.


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