win32 _decl problems

Kevin Ryde
Mon, 11 Aug 2003 10:45:35 +1000

"delta trinity" <> writes:
> When I tried MSVC, I succesfully compiled GMP application with just
> the .LIB.  So, the answer is that a .exp is not needed.

Beaut, new words will be

     A MINGW DLL build of GMP can be used with Microsoft C.  Libtool
     doesn't install a `libgmp-3.lib' file, but it can be created with
     the following commands, and copied to the install directory.

          cd .libs
          impdef libgmp-3.def libgmp-3.dll
          lib /machine:IX86 /def:libgmp-3.def

> In fact, the
> intermediate .def is not needed either, although it can be usefull if
> you want to see the exports, if you need, for example, to load the
> libary manually and use GetProcAddress.

I guess anyone smart enough to be doing that will know to use "nm" or
whatever to look at the symbols.