win32 _decl problems

delta trinity
Tue, 05 Aug 2003 10:31:30 -0400

>From: Kevin Ryde <>
>"delta trinity" <> writes:
> >
>Thanks, I'll add that to the manual.  Libtool 1.5, which will be in
>the next gmp, no longer leaves an actual .def file of its own.
> > LIB /def:LIBGMP-3.DEF /out:LIBGMP-3.LIB
>In the manual we've got "/machine:IX86" there, and no "/out".  Does
>that make a difference?
>Libtool 1.5 doesn't create a ".exp" file either.  I can't remember
>whether that's needed or not.  It was done with dlltool from binutils.
>If it matters, is there an MS tool to generate it similarly?

When I tried MSVC, I succesfully compiled GMP application with just the 
.LIB.  So, the answer is that a .exp is not needed.  In fact, the 
intermediate .def is not needed either, although it can be usefull if you 
want to see the exports, if you need, for example, to load the libary 
manually and use GetProcAddress.


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