OT: Handling of spam (was: Re: License Compliance Question)

Linus Nordberg linus@nordberg.se
Mon, 21 Apr 2003 22:49:12 +0200

DTAshley@aol.com wrote
Mon, 21 Apr 2003 15:45:27 EDT:

   Just out of curiousity, how and why did my e-mail get caught in the SPAM 

   I'm familiar with products like SpamAssassin, and usually they look for key 
   words and phrases like "Lose Weight", "One-Time Offer", and other phrases 
   that out of decency I won't post to a list, etc.

   I don't think my e-mail had anything to score at all on automated SPAM 
   filters.  At least the automated SPAM filters I'm aware of.

Your mail had 30-40% HTML and had no "real name" in the From-header,
which was enough to collect 1.7 points with SpamAssassin.  We have set
the limits for requiring manual moderation to 1.0 points.  I think
this is a bit too low, especially when the list software doesn't send
you any reply with information about where your message went, but just
swallows it.  We will adjust the list spampoints limits and/or
reply-behaviour shortly.