:::Windows compilation/linking question:::

Kevin Ryde user42@zip.com.au
Fri, 18 Apr 2003 08:32:43 +1000

"Pathos" <pathos@vianw.pt> writes:
> I'm having some problems using the gmp lib, i have WinXP, i use VS 6
> and i compiled the sources on the latest cygwin with the
> --host=windows flag.

You mean you configured gmp with "--host=windows"?  I don't know what
that would do.

I wasn't aware that cygwin could build stuff that would work with
msvc.  You're probably better off sticking solely to cygwin.

> First of all the output file has a .a extension, i find that weird
> since i read some posts on this mailling list and everyone, even on
> windows, talks allways about .libs, maybe i did something
> wrong. None the less, when i linked the .a file to the VS project i
> didn't got a file corruption error, so i assume it must be the right
> format.

.a is the unix library format, intel/ms .lib is different (or at least
it always was in the past).