Xeon as a worthwhile platform?

Joe R vinnyjojo@yahoo.com
Thu, 10 Apr 2003 18:29:47 -0700 (PDT)

Interesting.  See?  This is why I ask - I had no idea they were coming out with
this ;)

I know that a lot of GMP routines have code optimized via raw assembly-language
code.  This is a brand new processor and I'd assume that there hasn't yet been
a chance to write the appropriate routines for this cpu.  Does it matter?


--- Mirar <mirar@mirar.org> wrote:
> > and Alphas are going out of style (please correct me if I'm wrong - it
> seems
> > like fewer and fewer Alpha-based platforms are being created), I'd probably
> > consider Pentium/Xeon hardware next.  
> AMD will release their 64-bit processor "Opteron" around April 22.
> Maybe you should wait a few weeks to see how that performs? It seems
> rather nice at a first glance (huge cache, etc). Tyan also displayed a
> dual Opteron motherboard at Cebit, I think.
> Although I don't know if any compilers have any /good/ support for it
> yet, but that is probably fixed by time.
> /Mirar

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