problem in installing gmp under solaris 8 - solved!

Kevin Ryde
Fri, 04 Apr 2003 06:18:00 +1000

"Jens Sch=F6nherr"  <> writes:
> You should write this hint to the "Known Build Problems"-page to
> prevent further questions.

It comes up all too often for sparc v9 unfortunately :-(.  It's meant
to be covered by the following words under CFLAGS in the build options

     Note that when `CC' and `CFLAGS' are specified on a system
     supporting multiple ABIs it's important to give an explicit
     `ABI=3Dwhatever', since GMP can't determine the ABI just from the
     flags and won't be able to select the correct assembler code.

We had ideas at one stage to check some type sizes to notice
mismatches, maybe that'll one day come to pass.