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Wed, 2 Apr 2003 16:30:33 +0200

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I approach you most honorably today for a mutual business transaction=2E
I am MR STEVEN OBINNA=2Ca former senior accountant withthe Nigerian National  Petroleum Corporation=2CNNPC=2CFederal Republic of Nigeria=2E I have been opportune  to be appointed as the Director of the Foreign Contract awarding committee of  the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation=2CNNPC=2E
Now by virtue of my present office and position=2C it is an opportunity for me  to have a share of the huge oil money which many top military personel of the  past regime has been using me to achieve based on their Personal interest  without any benefit toward me=2E

Following this development=2C I now have an accord with a top officer of the  Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resource to remit the sum of US$15=2E5Million  =28Fifteen Million Five Hundred Thousand United State Dollars=29 to your  nominated foreign account for the smooth remittance of this funds=2Chence we as  civil servants do not own the right to acquire foreign account while in  service and also my present financial resources as a civil servant will not  be sufficient for me to handle the transfer alone successfully without  assistance from a good partner abroad=2E I therefore request you to kindly  allocate any account of your choice with all necessary particulars to enable  me forward same to the Ministires here  in Nigeria for onward release of the  fund transfer approvals on your favour as the beneficiary=2E We have  fourteen=2814=29 working days to conclude this deal on commencement=2C and I shall  join you at the account base for sharing and further discussion on my  investment plan in your Country=2E

BENEFIT=3A For providing the account where the paying bank shall remit the  funds=2C you will be entitled to 25% of the fund=2C75% will be for me and my  partners=2EYou will assure me once more that you will protect the funds as soon  as it is in your account=2EWhat we need is your Foreign Bank Account  Particulars=2CThe Bank Swift and Telex=2C The Bank Address=2C The Bank Telephone  and Fax Number=2C Your Telephone and Fax Number and your Private Mailing  Address=2Cso that we can use it to make formal application as a matter of  procedures=2E 

ON SECURITY=3A - We demand absolute secrecy and confidentiality from both  parties hence we assure you that the transaction is hundred  percent risk  free=2EAll modalities of this fund transfer has been worked out=2E
Please confirm your interest by immediate response on this Private  E-mail=3Asteven=5Fobinna=40indiatimes=2Ecom 
Thanking you in anticipation and i will give you a telephone number where to  reach me as soon as i confirm your serious interest=2E  

Yours faithfully=2C