whats happening ?

Jason Moxham J.L.Moxham@maths.soton.ac.uk
Tue, 22 Oct 2002 00:26:30 +0100

I done some preliminary work on a few algorithms ,and even in a completel=
un-optimized form have got some good results for some of the following=20
functions , other results , not so good :(  =20

mpz_root using varible precision , division free newton method

mpz_rootexact (like mpz_divexact but for roots)  using varible precision =
division free p-adic newton method

mpz_perfect_power_p using parts of the above fn's

mpz_invert_2exp (like mpz_invert but 2^n modulas) again using above p-adi=

mpz_tdiv_q  using  varible precision , division free newton method

Before I go ahead with anymore tweaking , is anyone else working on any o=
these fn's or plans to ?

Most of this is based on=20


I suppose I should also look at the generalization of the karatsuba squar=
root method .

One other thing , I also have a (slow)implementation of mpz_kronecker usi=
the accelerated gcd algorithm , its only twice as fast for about 100000 l=

I will have quite a bit of free time so might as well do something useful