[Administrativia] List changes (2)

Linus Nordberg linus@nordberg.se
Tue, 22 Oct 2002 00:43:24 +0200

As you might have noticed, not all of your settings have been
successfully migrated to the new gmp-discuss list.  The only property
that's been kept is wether you are set up for batched daily digests of
the list or not.

If you had any other setting that you wish to keep, please visit the
web page for your personal settings and correct things there.  You
find the URL for that page in the welcome letter for gmp-discuss or
you can navigate from <https://gmplib.org/mailman/listinfo/>.  You can
also use the email interface for this, just send a mail to
gmp-dicsuss-request at swox dot com with the word 'help' to get instructions.

You will not be removed from gmp at swox dot com automatically.  Please do
that when you are done with moving your settings to gmp-discuss.

Note that the subscribers list is only visible to the administator of
the list so that your email address has not been exposed even if the
bottommost option in your subscriptions options, "Conceal yourself
from subscribers list", is set to "No".

Post for gmp at swox dot com will be redirected to gmp-discuss at swox dot com.

Questions and complains to listadmin at swox dot com.