Building on Win2K

Paul Leyland
Thu, 28 Nov 2002 03:59:03 -0800

#include <disclaimer.h>

> Can you compile GMP into a dll using this "SFU" package, and use the
> resulting library with programs written using MSVC? I library that can
> be used with MSVC-projects seems to be what most of the windows folks
> in this list want.

I don't know because I haven't tried.  I reported only what I did and
what I found.  What I found was satisfactory for me.

> How do you get the Services for Unix package? A few years ago I used
> windows at work, and I stumbled upon the documentation for the M$ gcc,
> but I didn't have it installed and I don't think our IT staff had ever
> heard of it.

> Out of curiosity, if you get the source code of the SFU package (or
> the parts thereof that are (L)GPL:ed), does it compile out of the box
> with MSVC?

Don't know, sorry, again because I haven't tried.