Building on Win2K

Kevin Ryde
Thu, 28 Nov 2002 09:29:17 +1000

<> writes:
> I have no problem using the output from gas ("as" under Cygwin)
> in the Microsoft linker.  This is how I build GMP from unmodified
> sources using the standard configure system.

Ah right.

> (I wrote wrapper
> scripts around the MSVC compiler and linker to make them "look"
> more like Unix-style compilers.

That'd be the way to go.

> Modulo a major bug in libtool,
> everything works perfectly.  I should probably release this as
> it would save people's porting time, but it's kind of clumsy
> due to the libtool bug workarounds.)

Something like that is probably good value because in theory it helps
all gnu software.  Maintaining something specific in gmp is a bit too
much like hard work.

> What problems are you having, and what versions of as and link
> are you using?

Me?  No, I was just speculating.  My normal w32 setup, such as it is,
is the debian mingw32 cross compiler plus wine.

It's a bit hard to be motivated about an egregiously non-free
environment like w32+msvc, but people ask for it, having apparently
not yet had their eyes opened to the benefits of a gnu or bsd system.