Hermann Mahr Hermann Mahr" <
Sun, 24 Nov 2002 10:19:31 +0100 (MEZ)

Hello Mr. Sobotka,

thank you for your effort to help me.

But, the string

gcc -Zmt(d) example.c -I. -lgmp

does not work. It produces an error message

D:\emx\bin\ld.exe: No such file or directory for gmp.a  

At this time I had copied all files (mentioned in the 
following lines) in the working directory wich contains the 

The error message

D:\emx\bin\ld.exe: No such file or directory for gmp.a

produces the idea in me to copy the files

gmp.a, gmp.lib, gmp_s.a  and the files
 mp.a,  mp.lib,  mp_s.a  in the directory D:\emx\lib,

and the files

gmp.dll, mp.dll in the directory D:\emx\dll,

and the file

gmp.h  in the directory  D:\emx\include.

Now the string

gcc -ZMT(or -Zmt) example.c -I. -lgmp

works fine.

Are these steps correct?????

If Yes, I recommend that the authors of  GNU MP  should 
give an hint to copy such files in the corresponding 
directories of the used gcc because the path entries in the 
config.sys are related to the emx configuration. My be that 
this is an elementary step, but.... 

My next step will be to compile a file to calculate 
rational numbers. If there are new difficulties I hope
that you give me suitable answers again.

Tanks again and Regards,
Hermann Mahr.


As I got the gmp-3.1.1 first of all I tried to use the
example file "factorize.exe" and an error message occurs
rhat the file "gcc2952m" could not be found. Therefore
I got this file with the help of GOOGLE. This file also I 
have copied to D:\emx\dll. Then  "factorize.ese" works 
What's about this gcc2952m.DLL?