Building on WIn2K

Brian Gladman
Fri, 22 Nov 2002 22:29:55 -0000

I have tried several of the AT&T to Intel convertors and none seems very
comfortable with the output of M4.

There are also quite a few relatively quirky things that need accurate
conversion - for example, where instuctions must assemble to definite
lengths so that they are suitable for jumps into partially unrolled loops.
None of the convertors I tried handled this properly.

I have not put a lot of effort into this but from what I can see these
convertors are all now out of date and don't cope with code on the new x86
systems.  This would not be hard to put right but I decided that for my
limited purposes it was easier to do most of the conversion with Perl and do
the rest by hand.

    Brian Gladman