mul_fft, cleaning up some details of the code

Marco Bodrato bodrato at
Sun Mar 6 15:45:32 CET 2022


Il 2022-03-06 12:16 Torbjörn Granlund ha scritto:
> Marco Bodrato <bodrato at> writes:

>   The comment before the mpn_mul_fft_decompose function says "We must
>   have nl <= 2*K*l", this means that we should never have ((dif = nl -
>   Kl) > Kl), and the code in that branch should never be used.

> I noticed that at some point too, and have had a patch lying around for
> quite a while:

You basically propose to remove the branch.
I disabled it when we don't WANT_OLD_FFT_FULL, and corrected it anyway.

> (Not sure about the separate FIXME change therein; it looks strange to
> me now.)

I'm not sure I understand it...

> Feel free to clean this up.

Pushed a patch.



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