[PATCH] Add Zhaoxin x86 processor support

DylanFan-oc DylanFan-oc at zhaoxin.com
Tue Apr 13 11:58:24 UTC 2021

>I have attached a script which might be useful for choosing the best
>existing asm file for the new CPUs.

>Please read the comments in the script before considering to use it.  It
>has defaults which work for the automated GMP build-and-test facility,
>i.e., its paths and the convention that the configure && make output is
>put in the file make.log.

>I think you might find the script to be useful and that it is not hard
>to adapt and use.

>The type of output to be expected can be seen at the end of any "tuneup"
>results file from GMP's autobuild system.  See e.g., this one:

This script is very useful. I use it for choosing the best existing asm files for the
zxc/kx5000/kx6000. And I modify the patches with the conservative  strategy.

Please review.


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