[PATCH] Add Zhaoxin x86 processor support

Torbjörn Granlund tg at gmplib.org
Thu Apr 8 13:03:00 UTC 2021

  I try to use paths for zen and k8 compiler parameter. This runs great in
  test. I now realize that this is a wrong setup. I'm going to modify it with
  the strategy you recommend.

I have attached a script which might be useful for choosing the best
existing asm file for the new CPUs.

Please read the comments in the script before considering to use it.  It
has defaults which work for the automated GMP build-and-test facility,
i.e., its paths and the convention that the configure && make output is
put in the file make.log.

I think you might find the script to be useful and that it is not hard
to adapt and use.

The type of output to be expected can be seen at the end of any "tuneup"
results file from GMP's autobuild system.  See e.g., this one:

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